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06.08.2021 17:35:32

Powering Digital Advertising

Fyber N.V. is a leading advertising technology company. It empowers app developers and digital publishers to generate business-critical revenue streams with targeted advertising, enabling them to optimize the yield they generate from advertising. The company’s technology infrastructure reaches more than one billion monthly active users, providing a channel-neutral open-access platform for advertisers and publishers. It enables cross-device advertising with a global reach and a strong focus on video.

Fyber N.V. was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. The company has offices globally and is listed on the Prime Standard of Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘FBEN’.

Capturing Global Growth Opportunities

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  1. October 2014

    The acquisition of Fyber shifted RNTS Media N.V.’s strategic positioning to focus entirely on advertising technology, putting a leading mobile supply-side platform at its core. RNTS Media N.V. was now a leading monetization platform empowering the app economy, enabling mobile developers and publishers to monetize their audiences through targeted in-app advertising.

  2. August 2015

    RNTS Media N.V. upgrades its public listing from the Euro MTF in Luxembourg to the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt stock exchange, providing increased liquidity, transparency, and enhanced future funding options.

  3. July 2016

    Following earlier acquisitions of Falk Realtime and Heyzap, RNTS Media N.V. closes the acquisition of Inneractive, a global RTB exchange and comprehensive supply-side platform. This acquisition enables RNTS Media N.V. to upgrade its global reach, broaden its product portfolio, and increase its addressable market.

  4. June 2017

    RNTS Media N.V. renamed to Fyber N.V., anchoring all subsidiaries under the Fyber brand. The exclusive focus on ad tech underlines the company's vision of building one of the world’s largest publisher monetization platforms.

  5. February 2018

    Fyber launched its new brand, continuing the integration process of the former group companies into one unified company and technology platform. The Company also launched its proprietary header bidding solution FairBid, the world’s first and only mechanism to create a true state of header bidding for the mobile app environment.

  6. May 2019

    Fyber concluded the full organizational integration of former group companies and presented a comprehensive aligned product suite to the market, centered around key areas of market growth and its long-standing expertise, namely programmatic trading, mediation and in-app header bidding for both rewarded and non-rewarded ad formats. The Company also successfully restructured its convertible bonds, effectively halving this debt position.

    August 2019

    The Company successfully launched a new version of its key product Fyber FairBid, arguably the most significant launch in Fyber’s 10-year history. The new version transforms Fyber FairBid from a mediation platform with app bidding capabilities to a fully-fledged mobile monetization platform for publishers. Fyber FairBid is built from the ground up and completely designed for the in-app programmatic era, giving app developers full control and flexibility over their ad monetization strategy. Furthermore, the remaining convertible bonds facility was prolonged, providing Fyber with the necessary financial strength and flexibility to pursue its growth strategy.

  7. April 2020

    Fyber delivered on its product and sales strategy throughout 2019 and the first half of 2020, focusing on its programmatic business and full-screen advertising formats. The gross revenue stemming from the programmatic business grew by 22% in 2019 year-over-year and by 36% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. The investment focus remains on expanding the footprint for Fyber FairBid on the market and growing the share of revenue coming from full-screen, especially video advertising formats.